Creating Objective Strategies That Drive Real Results

You know which goals your company has achieved and which remain out of reach, but do you know why?

Being a business owner can feel like you’re sitting in the eye of a hurricane – experiencing all the successes and challenges swirling around you and blurring into an overwhelming question mark. Let’s slow it down and take an objective look at all the working parts. Let’s identify the root cause of issues, create systemic organization, and deliver optimal economic output. Let’s build the company you’ve always wanted.

Together, we’ll achieve:

  • Improved operations – starting today
  • Greater future value
  • Expanded M&A transaction options


We don't just tell you what to change but how to implement change.


Your business is unique, and you deserve a dynamic strategy. At AAKEN, we take a different approach to operational consulting by uncovering your real needs and creating holistic customized strategies – with the goal of driving both immediate results and long-term transformation.

Professional services experts view your business through the lens of their expertise. They are selling you their hammer – so to speak. They see the external manifestations of the problems that fall into their wheelhouse, but they aren’t armed with the perspective to see the interconnectedness of every aspect of your company.

We live inside the business, alongside the owners, managers, and employees, where we can see clearly and contribute the most value. From here, we are able to foster transformational participation, implement pragmatic resource allocation, institutionalize business processes, and enhance organizational competence.

Working to create transformational change includes an analysis of:

  • Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) Improvement
  • Reduce Working Capital
  • Process Improvement
  • Sales Price Adjustment
  • Customer Concentration
  • Technology Utilization
  • Financial Reporting
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • 5S Practices
  • Labor Productivity
  • Overhead Reduction
  • Outsource Business Services