The AAKEN Approach is unique.
It’s impactful. It creates permanent solutions.



Each part of a business is interconnected and working towards a unified goal. A holistic approach addresses the working parts as they affect the whole.​


Every business operates with limited resources. A pragmatic approach uses practical considerations to implement sensible and realistic strategies.​


Tools and methodologies may drive success, but good business practices and principles protect it. A principled approach blends business best practices while embracing the statement, “People process purpose,” demonstrating to employees “WHY” new approaches to their functional disciplines will lead to individual and organizational success.


It’s not the size of the change but the impact it has. A transformative approach improves operations today and creates greater value for the future.



Our objective perspective allows us to recognize transformative opportunities to improve financial and operational performance. We analyze the business both as a whole and as each individual part to understand the big picture.


A phased approach ensures your needs are met every step along the way. A short initial engagement allows us to learn about the business’s dynamics, demonstrate competence, and deliver a fast ROI. The longer, tactical engagement builds on organizational competence and growing financial resources. The strategic execution plan in the final stage builds long-term enterprise value.


Every business is unique and has its own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. We understand that our clients deserve tailored assessments, individualized attention, and customized performance improvement plans.


Humility is at the core of our endeavors, and we understand the power of combined expertise when it’s managed for maximum effect. We work with and through key players: the owner, the management team, direct labor, and outside professional resources. In the circumstances when a partner’s expertise surpasses ours, we aren’t afraid to admit it. We are proven business leaders, not micromanagers. Our clients succeed when their best interests are put first.


Our work is most satisfying when we see the adoption of our strategies and methods by managers and employees. The value of their contribution to the company increases, along with their personal job satisfaction. High performing, institutionalized business processes are some of the most valuable and enduring qualities a buyer looks for in a business